POET PAC: The Power of Collective Advocacy

A Q&A with President's Club Member Leah Hulzebos

Tell me a little bit about your background.

I grew up on a farm approximately five miles north of POET Bioprocessing – Bingham Lake in Minnesota. I was the oldest of six kids. I picked rocks, walked beans, detasseled corn, and did all of the things that farm kids did before new farming technologies and innovative practices began to take their place. I have been married for 24 years, we were blessed with two boys, and we currently live in Brandon, SD. As a family, we enjoy spending quality time at our lake cabin and love inviting others to join us.

What can you tell us about your role with POET?

At POET, I oversee the qualification and compliance of supplier and contractor accounts worldwide, and I specialize in securing non-disclosure agreements.

How did you first hear about POET PAC?

I first heard about POET PAC when POET’s CEO, Jeff Broin, spoke enthusiastically about it at a company meeting. It deeply resonated with me, and immediately afterward, I asked Jeff how I could personally get involved in a meaningful way. He pointed across the sea of people and said, “Meet with Matt Ward; he will get you connected and involved.” Matt listened, shared his knowledge, and connected me with others who are champions of the PAC and passionate about making a difference. In September, I attended the Growth Energy Biofuels Summit in Washington, D.C., where I actively participated in lobbying efforts on Capitol Hill.

Why do you believe it's important that you contribute to POET PAC?

I believe it is important that I contribute to POET PAC for many reasons. Clean, renewable biofuels support over 555,000 U.S. jobs, including my own and several of my family members'. I would not have a job in this industry if policymakers did not continue to lend support to help grow the market for American agricultural commodities. I believe it is important to dramatically reduce dependence on foreign oil and do our part to proactively reduce carbon emissions. POET PAC puts boots on the ground to skillfully advocate for important issues and strategically recruit new allies to partner and align with. The PAC provides policymakers with a valuable roadmap and ensures the path for agriculture, biofuels, bioproducts, and rural America stays robust and evergreen.

Why should others contribute to POET PAC?

I believe others should contribute to the POET PAC because there is power in numbers, and the POET PAC allows our voice to be clearly and collectively heard. My favorite saying in life has always been Helen Keller’s quote, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”: This concept rings true with POET PAC. The importance of supporting the PAC cannot be overstated. POET PAC goes to bat for all of us in immensely powerful ways and achieves vital outcomes that we could not attain individually.




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